Welcome to Falassarna!

Falasarna/Phalasarna (Greek: Φαλάσαρνα) is an ancient Greek harbor town on the northwest coast of Crete. The currently visible remains of the city were built around 335 BCE and include several imposing sandstone towers and bastions, with hundreds of meters of fortification walls protecting the town and a closed harbor. The harbour is surrounded by quays with mooring stones, and connected to the sea through two artificial channels. There is also a small acropolis above the city, which predates most of the surviving ruins. Most of these structures were revealed by excavations that began in 1986 and are ongoing. Round sandstone tower at military harbor of Phalasarna Stone quay and mooring stones from military harbor of Phalasarna Today Falasarna is an agricultural area and tourist attraction. The valley is filled with olive groves and greenhouses cultivating mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. The seaside has large sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that are popular both with resident